Reaches its Third Anniversary Reaches its Third Anniversary

Today, January 9, 2022, celebrates its 3rd anniversary! Born on January 9, 2019, that makes it three years now since has been online and proudly hosted from home on a Synology NAS. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of my readers and followers for their continual support these past 3 years. You have been the best!

Marius and one of his dog

Note: Her name is Tara and she is a proud 1-year old Romanian Mioritic Shepherd!

These past 3 years has become the top reference point in the world of Synology NAS and self hosting, helping businesses and Synology NAS enthusiasts discover and use their Synology NAS and other Synology devices to their full potential. All the tutorials, step-by-step guides, updates and professional recommendations on are especially devised to respond to the needs of every type of Synology NAS user.


Also don’t forget to keep supporting me because, as opposed to most other websites, mariushosting doesn’t have ADS, COOKIES, POP-UPs, Amazon AFFILIATE LINKS or any TRACKING CODE on it. I fully respect your privacy unlike the competition. Every time you make a donation, it means I can spend time contributing with new step by step guides and other types of articles on the website that you can use to enjoy your Synology NAS more. Remember that this website with all the valuable information on it is hosted from home on my own Synology NAS and there are costs to keeping the website accessible 24/7/365 for you!

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