Reaches its Fourth Anniversary Reaches its Fourth Anniversary

This January 9 mariushosting is celebrating its 4th anniversary! It was just four years ago that I started my self-hosting journey with mariushosting and what a ride it’s been! Exactly four years ago today I set up my WordPress website on my own Synology NAS server and put the site online to share my journey with the world. What I feel the most proud about is, one, the fact that I could do it. Actually hosting my own website for all these years, without compromising on any aspect, still feels like a big accomplishment for me.

2 mariushosting 2023

Note: Her name is Nora and she is a proud 2-year old Romanian Mioritic Shepherd!

The other thing I’d have to say I’m equally happy about is having had the wonderful opportunity to give back to the community. When I got my first Synology NAS, my main goal was to self-host, but in doing so I came to realize that there’s so much more you can do with the device. So why not put out content and help other people learn to do as many cool things with their NAS as they could possibly do? I was learning everything I could about it anyway. So I wrote articles and tutorials, simple guides and how-to’s that helped other people too; I was trying to create content that I would have loved to have available in the beginning of my journey, content that takes the struggle and frustration out of the experience and lets you focus more on the joy and excitement of it all.




And wonderful communities started to grow around this shared passion. We now have a big 36K+ Facebook community for Synology NAS users and an equally great Synology Discord server. There’s always someone there to lend a hand, offer a solution, propose an idea or give a fresh perspective in a discussion and that is the kind of engagement the Synology NAS users community needs.

And it wouldn’t have been possible without all of you! This is something I want to acknowledge whenever I have the chance because I feel it’s important to do so. Moderators and users, daily visitors to the site and new readers, collaborators, thank you all! You are the building blocks of our community and help it grow everyday! I want you to know that I appreciate your presence and your help, your input and your contributions to our community and social media platforms, and mariushosting too. Considering that mariushosting doesn’t have ADSCOOKIESPOP-UPsAmazon AFFILIATE LINKS, MEMBERSHIP TIERS or any TRACKING CODE, it’s your support that keeps things going day after day.

I try to return the favor by putting out useful content every single day to help make your lives as Synology NAS users, whether home users or businesses, as easy and straightforward as possible. I try to make my content easy and straightforward too so that you can use it regardless of your level of technical expertise and succeed and get results. I respect your privacy by keeping a clean website and have been working every single day in the last few years to learn more so I can share more. I put in the hours and the effort because I am of the belief that that’s how you produce quality and people deserve quality. In the last few months I have also improved over 1000 articles, images, code quality in the composes and more. So thank you, everyone, and will be getting back to you with a new post in a few hours!

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