Happy Thanksgiving 2023 From mariushosting!

Happy Thanksgiving 2023 From mariushosting!

Thanksgiving may have an important commercial element, but, at its core, it’s a holiday for the soul. Because people who eat at the same table are family. Today I’m grateful for my family and friends, both near and as far away as across the ocean, and choose to see more of all the good things life has to offer, whatever form they may come in. I’m grateful for all the cool people mariushosting has given me the opportunity to meet, the challenges and successes, such as getting a Docker container to work after days of testing. (insert joke) Are you grateful to have discovered mariushosting? 🙂


On this day and many days this is what I feel in my heart: gratitude! Gratitude for you, my friends, and all the amazing support you show me every single day in so many ways! Together with all the hard work many amazing opportunities have come my way and you are an essential part of this! So Thank You everyone and may you have a happy, happy Thanksgiving this year and all the years to come! Enjoy your family and friends and pets and all the wonderful people around you, and of course, your Synology NAS! I will keep coming up with new and exciting content for you and make sure to keep it simple and accessible so that you can use it regardless of your level of technical expertise.



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