Happy New Year 2024 from Marius!

Happy New Year 2024 from Marius!

As we once again celebrate the beginning of a new year, I can’t help but think how time really does fly by. A whole year has passed already! It seems only right to start off 2024 with you since every day in the past year we’ve met on mariushosting with at least one new post about our shared passion, Synology NAS servers. It’s been a lot of work and, while the days have definitely been too long sometimes, I’m grateful for everyone who has hopped on this journey with me. It’s unbelievable what an amazing community we’ve built in the span of a few years and, for that, I’m beyond grateful!

Happy New Year, everyone! Happy 2024 from your Internet friend Marius! May this new year bring new opportunities to you all, wonderful people! May you strive to accomplish your dreams and goals and enjoy the results of your hard work! You have been present and engaged, you have been helpful and passionate, and have made a difference in people’s lives. You are helping build a real support system for Synology users everywhere. It takes a village and you are it. For that, I thank you!




Like in all lines of work, there are challenges, big and small. I’m going to be honest with you and admit that it hasn’t been an easy year as I’ve had to deal with a lot of judgement and negativity directed both at my work and my person. But, just as last year, one of my resolutions is to not let myself get discouraged or allow the negativity to prevent me from helping people. Instead of wasting energy on something that gets you nowhere, I’m going to invest it in something productive and continue to bring my contribution to the community.

So here’s to a New Year full of blessings for all of us! Here’s to wonderful opportunities coming our way! Here’s to health and happiness, love and peace! Here’s to good times spent with our loved ones and friends, virtual included! And lots of free time to spend on our Synology NAS devices!

May you enjoy your life and your Synology NAS this year and many more years to come! Happy New Year, my friends! See you this year with lots of new content!

This post was updated on Monday / January 1st, 2024 at 1:14 AM