Happy New Year 2023 from Marius!

Happy New Year 2023 from Marius!

Happy New Year, everyone! We’re barely minutes into the new year here and I wanted to share the start of 2023 with all of you! This past year has been such a busy and exciting year, full of hard work, but also blessings, and it feels only right to celebrate this new beginning with all of you who’ve been together on this journey with me.

So I’m taking this opportunity to thank you for your presence and contributions! Thank you for being part of and helping build the biggest and absolute best Synology communities both on Facebook and on Discord! You are present and engaged, you are helpful and passionate, and you’re helping build a real support system for Synology users everywhere. You are amazing!




I’m not going to lie, there have also been challenges this past year, and lots of hate has come my way, degrading towards not just my hard work, but also my person, basically telling me to stop what I’m doing with a zeal that is much better invested elsewhere, anywhere really. But I’ve made my decision long ago to not pay attention to the haters and keep on keeping on. I’ve been working every single day this past year and plan on doing the same going forward because, when you’re busy building something, you don’t have time for the haters – instead, you grow more passionate about what you are doing and invest more and more of your time and energy into your work and helping people.

So here’s to a New Year full of blessings for all of us! Here’s to wonderful opportunities coming our way! Here’s to health and happiness, love and peace! Here’s to good times spent with our loved ones and friends, virtual included! And lots of free time to spend on our Synology NAS devices!

May you enjoy your life and your Synology NAS this year and many years to come! Happy New Year, my friends! See you this year with lots of new content!

This post was updated on Sunday / January 1st, 2023 at 5:47 AM